Payload offers the ride of a lifetime on the N-Gage platform

Futuristic racing game is on its way.

Posted by Staff
Nokia and Tantalus Interactive today announced Payload, a futuristic action game that blends white-knuckle racing with a heavy dose of hard-hitting destruction. With its amazing 3D graphics it offers a unique mix of strategy, combat and traditional racing. This N-Gage exclusive game is sure to get pulses racing whether it’s played alone or against up to 4 friends via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Set in the distant future, players are members of courier teams hired to transport the precious crystalline mineral fuel source. As the players make their way to their goal, they will encounter gangs of marauders, and rival teams, attempting to steal their payload. Only successful runs will earn the cash and kudos required to progress through to the more challenging levels.

“Payload mixes the best of combat racing games with a strong storyline and plenty of white knuckle action,” said Pasi Pölönen, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia. “The unlockable content through the N-Gage Arena also gives players the chance to extend their gameplay even longer than average.”

Working on their first N-Gage title, Tantalus Interactive is similarly enthusiastic about the release. “We were hoping to push some boundaries with this game,” said Tantalus CEO Tom Crago. “I’m confident we’ve produced one of the deepest, most frenetic, and technically impressive titles ever to grace the N-Gage platform.”

Players must progress through this story driven plot that takes place across 10 different worlds. Pilot one of the many armed hover vehicles known as ‘Skims’ and battle your way through each of these hostile environments. Massive jumps and unforgiving terrains will be the least of your worries as players use up to 15 different weapons to progress through one of the most challenging racing games to smash its way onto the N-Gage game decks

Gamers will have full access to a massive amount of gaming options. Players can pick different race types and scenarios, which makes the game as challenging as ever for hours on end. Progress through the game and via the N-Gage Arena function, players will be rewarded with unlockable content for extended game play. Arena features will include extra Skims, an extra single player story mode, additional downloads and an Arena challenge ranking system on which to post top scores. The mechanics of the game ensure that it is an easy pick up and play game which is sure to thrill everyone from the hardened racing expert to the less experienced first timer.