Gunlok Patches Things Up

New features and enhancements added to Rebellion's gorgeous PC CD-ROM title

Posted by Staff
Rebellion has released a new patch for its team-based strategic action game, Gunlok. The patch - available as a 16Mb download from - adds new functionality, enhances gameplay elements and removes a few bugs. Details of these are given below.


Giving Ammo:
Players can now select how much Ammo to give to other team members, so they do not have to give a complete clip. Tools Tips appear in the Upgrade Screen to show you how to do this.

Smarter Shooting:
When ordered to attack enemies, team members no longer waste ammo firing into any obstacles which block their line-of-sight. The Grenade arc has been increased to make it easier to lob grenades over walls and obstacles and fire downwards using the CTRL key aim-modifier.

Recon Mode:
Extra information is displayed in Recon Mode indicating how many shots of the current weapon are needed to destroy an enemy.

The Enemy Hearing Radius and Vision Cone graphics can now be toggled on or off. This is a redefinable control that is on Numpad Delete by default.

Upgrade Screen:
Extra Tool Tips have been added for items to make it easier to use.

Converting Enemies:
In all non co-operative multiplayer games Elint can convert Gun Turrets and some other enemies to a player?s team. Use Elint?s Interface Arm to convert.

Internet Games:
The lag on Internet and LAN multiplayer games has been reduced. If players are experiencing problems while playing a multiplayer game, it may be because the bandwidth connection is not large enough for the amount of data that is being sent. This results in data packages arriving late or not being sent at all. To avoid this we have added an option called ?Bandwidth Use? on the Game Preferences Menu which the game server can set. The lower it is set, the less data will be sent and this should result in more fluid and responsive gameplay. Setting this option to low levels may result in some loss of some graphical elements since all non-essential messages have been removed.

Particle System:
The particle effects have been improved.

Auto Crouch:
In the Game Preferences Menu there is a new option, Auto Crouch. When this option is set On, crouched and hidden characters get up when told to move. When it is set Off, the characters stay crouched and do not move if told to move - they must be uncrouched them first.

Scrap Piles:
If players look closely at Scrap Piles they may see some roaches and flies. Only Scrap Piles containing useful items have roaches and flies.

Debriefing Screen:
The Debriefing Screen has been updated to make the scoring system clearer.

Keyboard Controls:
The Controls Menu has been updated by grouping functions together to make it easier to define your own keys.


All Load and Save Game problems have been fixed. Games saved with an earlier version of Gunlok® are incompatible with this new version and will not load. Auto Saves from the start of a new level will still work.
Audio decoys now function correctly.
Fixed a bug where enemies sometimes became visible without their Hearing Circles and Vision Cones.
Firing several flares no longer causes over-saturation of brightness.
Fixed sound effects bugs that appeared on some cards.
Fixed a rare problem with enemies sometimes being teleported or invisible.
Fixed bug where silos hit with EMP weapons continued to release enemies in some circumstances.