Baldur's Gate 2 Official Movie Deal

Interplay signs deal with New Line Cinema.

Posted by Staff
Interplay's PC classic Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn today received another accolade to add to its burgeoning trophy cabinet ? that of the Official Game for the forthcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie.

The film, due for release on February 9th 2001, is the first live-action movie to be based in the D&D world and stars Jeremy Irons as the evil mage Profion. Its classic tale of good versus evil combined with state-of-the-art special effects is sure to make it one of the year's first blockbusters.

To coincide with this monumental day, Interplay will be releasing an exclusive movie-themed Baldur's Gate II Collector's Pack, available only in Europe. The pack will contain some wonderful gifts, but Interplay is keeping the exact contents close to its chest for now.

And that's not all. February 9th will also see the release of the Baldur's Gate II DVD edition and the Icewind Dale expansion pack Heart of Winter, completing a superb triple-whammy of officially-licensed Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games.

Both the film and the game will be extensively cross-promoted. Baldur's Gate II will be featured on all print advertising for the movie, with the film itself appearing on a fresh BG II print campaign. A national newspaper cross-promotion is also currently being investigated. Future builds of BG II will hopefully include details of the film in-box.

"We're overwhelmed to have been chosen as the official game of the Dungeons & Dragons movie," commented Harvey Lee, European Marketing Manager for Interplay. "The film will grab the attention of mainstream cinema-goers, raising the profile of the franchise across the world. BG II has been hailed by those in the know as the best role-playing game of its type ever ? it's time for the rest of the globe to take notice."

Baldur's Gate II is currently available for PC CD-ROM, and has sold over 1/4 million units world-wide, since its release in October 2000. For D&D fans, Valentine's Day will arrive five days early next year.

Interplay titles are distributed by Virgin Interactive throughout Europe.