Infogrames Sends Sega Xtreme Sports Gliding Into Stores This Week

Game seamlessly combines snowboarding, ATV Racing, mountain biking, hang gliding and bungee jumping.

Posted by Staff
Infogrames, a global publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced today that its alternative sports game, Xtreme Sports, for Sega Dreamcast will begin shipping to stores this week. Xtreme Sports combines competition in six different alternative sports including Snowboarding, ATV Racing, Mountain Biking, Hang Gliding and Bungee Jumping.

?It?s a good thing that providing a true adrenaline rush is legal!? said Laddie Ervin, director of marketing for the sports and racing label at Infogrames, Inc. ?The feel of the powdery snow under your sliding snowboard, the rumble of lava beneath your ATV?s tires and the crackle of gravel and rocks spitting up at you as your mountain bike careens down a mountainside?that is Xtreme Sports.?

Xtreme Sports offers players a chance to compete in some of the world?s most extreme sporting events all within a single race. The game?s engine has the unique ability to seamlessly integrate multiple sports such as snowboarding, ATV racing, mountain biking, hang gliding and bungee jumping. A player might begin a competition on a multi-environment racetrack by snowboarding, then hang gliding and finally end the race with mountain biking. Besides racing for the best time, players can perform tricks, attempt huge jumps, drive across lava or race out of control down steep slopes and cliffs.

With 12 regular tracks and six additional practice tracks, Xtreme Sports offers a variety of exotic locations. Mountain biking in Maui will find players navigating a rope bridge, while bungee jumping in Kilimanjaro will have a player leaping from a balloon and landing on a waiting snowboard. Players can also partake in a hang gliding adventure over the Scottish Highlands, or participate in an ATV excursion over a narrow bridge in Stryn, Norway.

Xtreme Sports features a licensed soundtrack of alternative music from the London record label Ninja Tune Records. Bands on the Xtreme Sports soundtrack include Amon Tobin, Cabbage Boy, Cold Cut, Dynamic Syncopation, Irresistible Force, London Funk Allstars, Mr. Scruff and DJ Food.

The game?s four unique characters include Nina, an 18-year-old from Sweden, Raga, a 22-year-old Jamaican, Noel, a 21-year-old from Great Britain and Cath, a 19-year-old American. Each character has two different outfits available, a summer outfit and a winter outfit. The clothing in Xtreme Sports is provided by the European sports brand 55DSL.