Tom and Jerry Return.

Classic cartoon capers hit Game Boy Colour

Posted by Staff
Virgin Interactive is letting the cat (and mouse) out of the bag to bring the madcap world of MGM's Tom and Jerry cartoons to life on Game Boy Colour this November.

Created by leading German development force, Swing, Tom and Jerry: Mouse Hunt is s stunning mix of arcade and puzzle elements that truly captures the OTT capers of the world famous cartoon enemies. Set within an instantly recognisable recreation of key locations from the cartoons, the game revolves around a visit from Jerry's mischievous cousins.

Despite Jerry's best attempts to keep the mice from harm - and out of Tom's sight - the little rascals have escaped into the garden; whereupon the game offers two very distinct play styles. Opting to play as either of the main characters, Tom and Jerry: Mouse Hunt sets the player the task of gathering up the roving mice - albeit for two very different reasons.

In Jerry's case, his cousin's must be returned to the safety of his mouse hole. Tom, on the other hand, is happy to gather them in a sack for his dinner! However, as the cartoons have shown, there is no love lost between the two and an array of weapons - including rakes, planks and frying pans! - and traps are on hand to perfectly recreate the chase sequences and battles of the MGM cartoons as the two adversaries use every trick in the book to outwit each other.

Boasting 25 levels of fast-paced action in single-player mode and a stunning competitive mode via the Game Boy Colour's link cable, Tom and Jerry: Mouse Hunt is one of the most ambitious titles to grace a handheld system. And with additional cameo appearances from the series' supporting cast of Spike, Butch and Ducky, Tom and Jerry: Mouse Hunt also sets new standards as the definitive cartoon-inspired video game.