First Star Software and Mean Hamster Software Announce Co-development of 'Greatest Hits' Compendium

14-title compilation cd-rom for Windows features original 1980's and 90's retro gaming hits.

Posted by Staff
First Star Software, New York developer and publisher of award winning games, today announced their co-development agreement with Mean Hamster Software of Deer Park, Washington. The companies have joined together to create the first compilation of First Star's classic games from the 1980's and 1990's. First Star Software's Greatest Hits? will be released in time for Christmas and contains fourteen of First Star's early best-selling titles on a single disc. Millions of units of these classics been sold, with four titles having been released into the coin-operated arcades.

All games are their original versions, launched automatically by emulation software enabling players to enjoy Commodore 64; Atari 8 bit and 16 bit; as well as DOS versions of these retro-gaming masterpieces on their Windows computers supporting these minimum system requirements: Windows 95 or higher (Windows 98 or higher recommended); Pentium 166 MMX Processor (300 MHz Pentium II, Celeron or AMD processor recommended); 16x CD ROM Drive; 32 MB Ram (64 MB recommended); Video Card and Sound Card with DirectX 6.1 compatible drivers; 640x480 Resolution with 16-Bit Color or higher; and, 2 MB Hard Disk space for saving games.

First Star's president, Richard M. Spitalny states: "Now, for the first time ever, 14 of First Star's early releases can be purchased all together. The compilation includes one game never released before; the never-before-released Commodore 64 version of a game originally licensed to Radio Shack; and, the sorts of 'extras' collectors value and enjoy such as scans of foreign and domestic boxes, memorabilia, original instruction booklets; prototype art; even video clips of interviews with the company's founders. Up until now, we were not able to satisfy the requests of fans who want to play our older games on their Windows computers."

Mean Hamster Software's president John Swiderski commented: "It's both an honor and a privilege to be working with such an historic company as First Star Software to produce this compilation. One has to appreciate the original programmers' efforts involved in the production of these games; this was the golden age of gaming when games were all about game play and creativity. Now fans of all ages can enjoy their classic, First Star favorites on their modern-day PC."