PAC-MAN Grows Flippers!

Videogame legend appears in new cellphone title.

Posted by Staff
PAC-MAN, one of the world's most famous videogame characters gained millions of new fans when he appeared on the latest generation of java-enabled mobile phone handsets. Now PAC-MAN is back in PAC-MAN Pinball, an entirely new game for mobile owners worldwide.

PAC-MAN Pinball features the whole PAC-MAN cast, PAC-MAN himself, Ms. PAC-MAN and Baby PAC-MAN on a series of branded Pinball tables. It's a fast-paced and exciting new title, which can be played on most popular mobile phone handsets available in Europe.

The original arcade version of PAC-MAN is widely credited with making videogames so universally popular. It's unique design, instantly accessible gameplay and long term appeal has ensured it popularity for almost 25 years. The mobile version of PAC-MAN has shot to the top of the download charts on mobile network operators all over the world, and remains one of the most downloaded mobile games ever, introducing PAC-MAN to an entirely new generation of players. PAC-MAN Pinball maintains this legacy, with simple, accessible and fun gameplay which can be played and understood by anybody who's ever picked up a mobile phone.

PAC-MAN Pinball will be made available to all major mobile networks across Europe. Specific release dates will be announced by Namco Europe in the coming weeks.

John McKenzie, the head of Namco Europe's Web & Mobile Content division, said, “PAC-MAN is arguably more popular now than he has ever been. He's become a cultural icon as well as a videogame character. PAC-MAN Pinball is very much in keeping with the spirit of the original game. It's simple to pick up, fun to play and has a very broad appeal. We're very excited to be releasing PAC-MAN Pinball in Europe and are looking forward to introducing even more fans to the world of PAC-MAN.”