Data Design Interactive has a Kick Around in the Park

Soccer for little people on the way.

Posted by Staff
Data Design Interactive wholly owned subsidiary of Green Solutions Ltd announced today that they have signed with independent games distributor Phoenix Games who will distribute the third in a series of sports games under the Data Design Interactive own brand Kidz Sports.

Kidz Sports 11 & 5-A-Side Soccer available on Playstation 2 platform lets the player challenge an AI team or play head-to-head against a friend. Good play generates SKILL points that allow team members to pull-off spectacular cartoon-style special moves, such as jumping over other players, scoring from the half-way line, and or dribbling past all the opponent?s defenders.

Single play mode also offers a knock-out Cup, league where every team play?s every other team, and the one with the most points at the end comes top.

Kidz Sports 11 & 5-A-Side Soccer follows the basic design of the other highly successful Kidz Sports games: Ice Hockey and Basketball, utilising the same pick-up-and-play control method.

Kidz Sports 11 & 5-A-Side Soccer is a fun game based on kids playing 5-a-side soccer in the park and brings together the fun of a group of friends playing together as in real life, and adds in extras like super-speed, and guaranteed shots to spice it up.

Game features:
  • Fun game characters, rendered 3D in-game.

  • 8 ?Kidz Sports? soccer teams.

  • 8 Football ?pitches? (parks, streets, gyms, car parks).

  • 3 Game modes: Exhibition, Tournament and League.

  • SKILL points for successful play and special moves available when enough SKILL points earned.