New Sega Deal with Xplosiv

Sega signs with Xplosiv for a further two years.

Posted by Staff
New Sega Deal with Xplosiv
Empire Interactive Europe has renewed its republishing agreement with Sega Europe Ltd for a further two years, giving Empire the rights to continue to sell much-loved classic games such as Sonic 3D, Crazy Taxi and Sonic Racer through its value Xplosiv range.

As well as existing titles, Empire has also announced that the PC version of the fast-paced platform game Sonic and Knuckles will become part of Xplosiv's roster of Sega games in this deal. The news is testament to the strength of the long-term partnerships that Empire has built up with leading players in the industry the agreement with Sega goes back to 1998.

"We have enjoyed great success with our classic titles through Empire Interactive and its Xplosiv label," says Alan Pritchard, UK sales director at Sega Europe. "We know that Xplosiv will do a great job promoting our titles through retail and online channels."

"We're delighted to be continuing our relationship with Sega and with great new titles as well," comments Ian Higgins, CEO of Empire Interactive. "Sega is one of the best known and most respected names in the business and their classic titles are still massively popular with today's games players."

On PC CD-ROM, Sonic 3D and Sonic Racer are currently sold on Empire's Xplosiv label at 4.99 each, with Crazy Taxi at 9.99. Sonic and Knuckles will be available on November 5 at 4.99.