Wicked snowboarding to classical sounds - Yetisports Part 7 released

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra is boarding around the world with Yeti and his penguins.

Posted by Staff
Yetisports is hanging in there and releases part7 of the world-famous game series. On his Worldtour 2004 the Abominable Snowman is visiting Austria and proves himself as respectable snowboarder.

"SnowboardFreeride" offers special programming and music: for the first time Yeti moves three dimensional and the soundtrack features nobody less than the Vienna Symphony Orchestra who presents the Yetisong as a classical remake. Peter Lehner, manager of the traditional orchestra, is happy to take part in the creation of a trendsetting new medium. Friedrich Philipp-Pesendorfer alias "Flip Philipp", first percussionist, created this special new version of the Yetisong. "This is a first try", says Lehner, "but I would be happy if next time I am riding in the subway I could hear the Vienna Sympony Orchestra as a mobile phone ring tone. "

And so Yeti is sliding down the mountains to classical sounds. Thereby clever turns are his easiest moves. He takes off for awesome jumps which he can arrange in three dimensional space. "The programming of part7 went to the limits of flash animation", says Stephan Mahrhofer of Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt. With the cursor the gamer controls Yetis wicked boarding and acrobatic jumps.

See http://www.yetisports.org for more.