Rack 'Em Up! - Real Pool Is Coming

Infogrames banks it into the corner pocket with Real Pool for the PlayStation 2.

Posted by Staff
Infogrames announced today that its pool simulation game, Real Pool, for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system is shipping to stores this week. This leisure sport has never looked so good!

Real Pool offers real-world physics, with every shot behaving as it would on a real pool table. Players can line up and sink the perfect shot with the ability to see every angle of the set-up with complete 360° views, and the option to use an optic guideline to help set up the shot.

'Real Pool is a game that everyone in your family can appreciate', said Laddie Ervin, director of marketing for the sports and racing label at Infogrames, Inc. 'The game’s incredible physics and outstanding graphics will amaze mom and dad or the family billiards aficionado, while the addictive puzzle tables will keep the kids coming back for more'.

Real Pool’s 12 game modes include Basic, 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Rotation, Carom and non-traditional pool games such as 5-9 and Bowliards. In 5-9, rules of 9-Ball apply, however, the 5-ball and 9-ball are worth extra points that are doubled if either is pocketed into a side pocket. Bowliards is a hybrid of bowling and billiards in which score is tracked for 10 frames. In Tournament Mode, players will have a chance to become the ultimate pool shark as they match skills with eight computer opponents. Each opponent displays its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to the traditional pool gameplay modes, Real Pool offers 25 puzzle games that take place on uniquely shaped tables such as a cloverleaf, a star, a triangle and an H-shaped table. Players will have a specific number of shots to knock in a certain amount of “hit” balls, with obstacles to thwart their efforts. The whole family will enjoy learning the skill and technique it takes to win at one of these puzzlers.

Real Pool is developed by Takara Co. Ltd. and published by Infogrames, Inc.
Real Pool offers 1-2 player competitive action and allows players to choose their in-game music from the “jukebox”. Real Pool will be available in most major retail outlets for an estimated retail price of $39.99.