Bond is Back To Console Us

EA "shakes, not stirs" the delivery of The World Is Not Enough, the highly anticipated first-person James Bond action game.

Posted by Staff
Fans of the world's most renowned top secret agent rejoice? Bond is back! Armchair espionage is taken to new heights with the highly anticipated release from Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) of The World is Not Enough for the Nintendo 64. Shortly following will be the PlayStation game console version in early November. This first person action title, based on the Eon Productions and MGM blockbuster 007 film of the same name, provides players the opportunity to once again moonlight as the super-spy. Both titles will be released under the new EA GAMES brand.

The World is Not Enough for the N64 and the PlayStation stays true to the Bond legacy by delivering all the action, stealth, state-of-the art gadgets and sophisticated spy-craft that Bond fans expect. Building upon the intense movie storyline, players assume the role of James Bond and must progress through a series of challenging mission-based levels, while confronting treacherous movie villains like Electra and Renard. In the game, Bond also encounters recognizable allies such as Christmas Jones and is helped by Q's new assistant R, played in the film by John Cleese, who also lends his voice to the game.

Each game is designed to take advantage of the strengths of the platform for which it was developed. For example, the PlayStation version of The World is Not Enough, with its streaming video capability, uses actual action footage from the film to help drive the story. The Nintendo 64 version offers a deep multiplayer capability along with massive amounts of storage space for added graphics and visual effects.

About the Nintendo 64 Version:
The World is Not Enough carries the unique distinction of being the official next Bond-licensed game for the N64system. The title features a completely new, robust game engine that can maintain crisp graphics at a constantly high frame rate for fast, fluid gameplay as well as contain hundreds of lines of spoken dialogue. This feature-packed version offers a total of 28 single and multiplayer levels, more than 40 Q-lab weapons and gadgets - some of which are N64 exclusive. In addition, there are several N64-only missions, multiplayer arenas, and modes. The World is Not Enough for the N64 supports up to four players and four artificially intelligent (AI) bots on fast split-screen action in multiplayer mode. The game supports but does not require the Expansion Pak for added graphic enhancements.

The World is Not Enough for the N64 was developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software.

About the PlayStation Version:
The World is Not Enough for the PlayStation will debut an improved graphics engine from the previous third-person perspective 007 game, the wildly successful Tomorrow Never Dies, that can render the most rich, highly detailed environment possible for the system. The game features 11 challenging single player levels - including a unique Casino level in which players must use their skills, or quickly learn, the game of BlackJack in order to acquire winnings and complete the mission objectives. Overall, the game features more than 30-Q lab weapons and gadgets, including a PlayStation exclusive video camera that doubles as a missile launcher. Also included is a revamped precision targeting system for pinpoint accuracy when using a weapon and/or gadget, and over 300 new motion-captured animations.

The World is Not Enough for the PlayStation was developed by veteran game developer Black Ops Entertainment

Both versions of The World is Not Enough carry an ESRB rating of "T" (Teen). The N64 game will carry a MSRP of $49.95 while the PlayStation will be $44.95. Consumers may purchase the game directly at the EA Store SM ( or by calling EA Direct Sales at 1.877.324.2637. EA GAMES plans to release The World is Not Enough for the PlayStation 2 and PC in 2001. More information on the James Bond games can be found on the Electronic Arts product web site at:

The games based on The World is Not Enough will mark the first projects to come out of an exclusive licensing deal EA secured with MGM Interactive, Danjaq LLC and Eon Productions for the highly coveted Bond franchise. Under the agreement, as previously announced, EA has secured the worldwide, multi-year rights to develop, publish and distribute worldwide a series of interactive titles on multiple platforms based on the James Bond character.