It's Not How Fast You Drive, But How You Drive

Sega Dreamcast reinvent the driving genre with the release of Metropolis Street Racer.

Posted by Staff
It's definitely not a 'choose-your-car, chose your-circuit' racer, completing track after track in a repetitive championship. Metropolis Street Racer is the ultimate test of skill, style and precision, with an ever-expanding series of exciting driving challenges - it's all about Kudos.

Kudos is earned from winning, being an impressive driver to watch and the personal kudos of knowing you're the fastest, most stylish and exciting racer. Kudos is the ultimate style and dexterity and success rating in MSR, it's how you progress through the game. Your kudos rating is used to earn the chance to challenge for new cars and to unlock the later stages of the game and is achieved through: -

Speed - winning, beating the best times, etc.
Style - clean laps, powerslides, 'showy' driving etc.
Gambling - set your own goals to beat, on your own or against other cars
However any sloppy, dangerous or clumsily driving and you lose kudos.

London, Tokyo and San Francisco are the city backdrops. Modelled down to accurate and intricate detail everything is there, major landmarks to the bushes in people's gardens. The Dreamcast's built in clock is used to provide Real Time so as you race you visually notice the change between dawn and dusk. As you begin only 3 simple routes will be open, one in each city but as the game progresses, you will unlock routes which increase in length, complexity and pace.

MSR is divided into a number of chapters, with the ultimate goal of each chapter being to win the car on offer. Each Chapter contains a range of different driving and racing Stages. You can repeat a stage at anytime and with any car you own to try to beat your kudos. But the kudos recorded is that of the last race, so it's for the drivers who can take risks and gamble. Each chapter offers special races, events and challenges. These are only available at certain times (e.g. night races) or for those with particular cars.

Each of the game's 25 Chapters comprises ten stages of various types and offers you the potential to unlock a new car as a goal for completion. Unlocking the car makes it available for you in the games Car Showroom - available for a 'no obligation' test drive. If you like it you can them challenge to own it, customise it and add it to your personal garage. Each stage is designed to test every area of the driver's ability - from racing skills through to manoeuvring competence.

From a choice of over 40 cars from some of the world's leading car manufacturers. Cars have been accurately modelled both visually, dynamically and sounds specifically recorded to give you a true driving experience. You can be one of the first to drive a virtual VX220, Vauxhall's exciting new sports car or in conjunction with Dreamarena, Sega's internet portal who have teamed up with Vauxhall, win a VX220 through an exclusive online MSR competition.

The essential car stereo blasts out a range of tunes, from dance to jazz to J-pop offering a choice of radio stations or virtual CDs. Each city has three radio stations tuned in; London listeners have a choice of Capital Jazz, Underground (dance) and West Central One (general pop). Each station has jingles, adverts and DJ's - in Japanese for Tokyo!

Multiplayer battles allow up to eight players to compete for kudos. Players can either bring along their own personal garage on VM, or can 'borrow' cars from other players' garages.

League tables will be collated on Dreamarena from scores uploaded from around the world. The Opel / Vauxhall Internet Challenge, the ultimate test of skill is recorded via the VM and Internet. This challenge takes you to three of the most difficult circuits - one in each city - to race in the prestigious VX220. Racing tips can be picked up by using the VM to download the actual lap, learn how they do it and better their performance.

"The realism that MSR achieves is a combination of intricate detail, sound and realtime. The experience is a break through for racing games; the focus is not just on speed but style. MSR gives endless replay value and rewards the player constantly." - Alison Turner Director of UK Marketing

Metropolis Street racer will be in stores November 2000.