Kao The Kangaroo On The Loose

Virgin Interactive Offer Cash Reward For Capture Of The "Lewisham Kangaroo"

Posted by Staff
Virgin Interactive, a leading British interactive entertainment publisher, today announce their offer of a cash reward for the capture of the kangaroo that, according to national press reports, is alleged to be roaming Lewisham in South East London, following reported sightings in Beckenham Place Park and Beckenham Place Golf Club.

Virgin Interactive announce a reward of 2,000 for the individual / group of individuals who capture the animal and deliver it into the care of Virgin Interactive.

Virgin Interactive wish to make the Lewisham kangaroo the star of a massive advertising campaign for their forthcoming release "Kao The Kangaroo", from Titus Interactive, an action-packed arcade adventure game for Sega Dreamcast and home computers, set for release in November.

Additionally, given that the kangaroo appears to have avoided capture to date, Virgin Interactive announce a separate reward to be presented to the individual(s) who provide the first photographic or video evidence which proves the kangaroo is indeed roaming free in south east London (subject to authentication).

The first individual or group of individuals to present Virgin with photographic or film evidence, will be rewarded with a copy of "Kao The Kangaroo", a Sega Dreamcast machine and a cash bonus, subject to authentication and quality of the evidence.

Should it be captured, subject to further negotiations, the "Lewisham kangaroo" is destined to become the star of a national advertising campaign for "Kao The Kangaroo", across press, TV and outdoor media. Alternatively Virgin Interactive will negotiate for the use of photographic/film evidence for the campaign.

"Kao The Kangaroo" is destined to be a huge Christmas hit, eagerly awaited by Dreamcast and PC gamers. Players will take control of cute hero Kao, the boxing kangaroo, hopping, skipping and triple jumping his way through 25 colourful landscapes, through the outback, forests, ski slopes and even underground. Kao will face a multitude of crazed enemies hell-bent on 'tying him down sport', whom he will have to defeat with his boxing skills. Kao will also be able to commandeer a hang glider, motorboat, snowboard and even a 'space scooter'.

Allison Grant of Virgin Interactive commented; "Kao The Kangaroo is set to become the smash hit computer game of this Christmas, with the streetwise hero Kao facing all manner of crazy challenges and enemies. The streetwise Lewisham kangaroo has shown similar ingenuity, intelligence and resilience in avoiding capture on the streets of South East London. We want to foster the Lewisham kangaroo and make him (or her) star of our advertising campaign. They would be hopping mad to pass on this opportunity for stardom."