Konami Resurrect The Mummy On Video Game Consoles

Blockbuster movie comes to the small screen.

Posted by Staff
The mysterious world of ancient Egypt is set to be reawakened when the breathtaking adventure romp The Mummy comes to PlayStation, Dreamcast, GameBoy and PC this autumn.

All the suspense and atmosphere of the blockbuster movie, which grossed nearly $450 million at the box office, have been faithfully transferred into an impressive 3D action and adventure game.

Taking the role of film's hero, Rick O'Connell, gamers are transported back to the world of the pharaohs where they must solve devious puzzles and survive shocking encounters with the living-dead. Goose bumps are guaranteed as all elements of the game are closely based on the critically acclaimed movie.

Set across over twelve thematically distinct levels, the action is non-stop and fraught with danger. Trapdoors, secret corridors, mysterious hieroglyphs and even the great plagues of Egypt must all be encountered before facing evil incarnate, the dreadful priest Imhotep. Imhotep's minions will also be found at every turn, intent in protecting their leader.

But don't worry, you won't be completely at the mercy of Imhotep as players are given a full tutorial over the course of the first mission. This tutorial details all of Rick's movements, including attack-dodging rolls, how to select and utilise your weaponry and advice on how to solve puzzles.

The Mummy is certain to go down a storm, a sandstorm that is, when it is released on multiple gaming platforms this November.