Gamers Get Opportunity To Become The Grinch.

He may be green and mean, but hes a whole lot of fun.

Posted by Staff
With Jim Carrey playing the lead in Universal Studios' holiday release, The Grinch, it is sure to be this year's holiday smash and the video game promises to be just as popular.

The Grinch is the heart-rending story of a green, furry character outcast from the land of Whoville because of his curious looks. Forced to live life as a recluse in his mountain top hideaway, the Grinch spends his time plotting how to get revenge on the Whos in Whoville.

In Whoville Christmas is everything; for three hundred and sixty four days they prepare for the big day. The Grinch soon realises that by ruining the holidays he will strike at the very heart of the Whoville community.

On PlayStation, Dreamcast, PC and Game Boy Color, gamers assume the role of the ultimate anti-hero the Grinch and enter the strange world of Whoville, where reality is twisted and everything is more than a little strange.

The game offers players a fun filled mix of boisterous 3D action, tricky puzzles and magical adventure all wrapped in the Grinch's own brand of mischievous behaviour.

Gamers can make use of the Grinch's fantastic inventions to assist their progress. Splat your adversaries with the Rotten Egg Launcher and the Slime Shooter, or fly high in the Grinch Copter. Max the Dog, the Grinch's ever faithful friend, is also on hand to distract the attention of Whoville inhabitants or explore the places that would otherwise prove inaccessible.

Gamers are set to receive an early Christmas present with the release of The Grinch this November.