iFone Granted Exclusive Rights to "Lemmings" Game Franchise on Wireless Devices

Classic action-puzzle game coming to wireless devices.

Posted by Staff
iFone, the wireless entertainment publisher, has signed a multi-year agreement with Psygnosis, a Sony Computer Entertainment company, for rights to the best-selling Lemmings game franchise. This agreement grants iFone exclusive wireless rights to Lemmings in Europe and North America, with the first Lemmings wireless games scheduled for Christmas 2004.

?Lemmings? is one of the world?s most successful games franchises, having sold over 10 million copies since its launch in 1990. The memorable lemmings characters of the game are small, green-haired beings that mindlessly walk en masse into any danger in their path. The first Lemmings game broke new ground in gameplay, winning multiple maximum review scores in games magazines.

?The Lemmings franchise is an excellent fit for the wireless gaming environment - it is already a huge brand, it is incredibly addictive and fits the small form factor perfectly,? stated Morgan O?Rahilly, iFone CEO. ?The franchise is one of the few seminal gaming experiences, a deceptively simple action-puzzle that gives hours of entertainment.?

iFone has an excellent reputation for publishing blockbuster games to the mobile phone environment, having already brought Tetris, Monopoly and Cluedo to the small screen. iFone games are regularly amongst the world?s best-selling wireless games.