Infogrames Explodes Onto Playstation 2 Early with The Award Winning Unreal Tournament

Wildly popular first-person action game makes console debut at the launch of the season's hottest new system.

Posted by Staff
SAN JOSE, CA - October 20, 2000 - Anticipating the demand for the top-selling game, Unreal Tournament, Infogrames, Inc. a worldwide leader in the interactive entertainment software industry, today announced that Unreal Tournament (UT) for PlayStation2 began shipping this week, six days prior to the launch of Sony's next-generation computer entertainment system. Developed by Epic Games, Unreal Tournament, named PC Game of the Year for its raucous multi-player action and stunning graphics, makes its long awaited console debut on the PlayStation2. Unreal Tournament PS2 takes full advantage of the system's technology to give console fans the same great experience that PC gamers have enjoyed since UT's release and is expected to be one of the most sought after titles for the new system.

"Unreal Tournament is the definitive first-person action game on the market" said Barbara Gleason, director of marketing for Infogrames' San Jose Label. "The original game was very successful with over one million copies sold and many awards including PC Game of the Year. The next logical step was to unleash it on first-person action hungry console fans. With the advanced technology of the PlayStation2, Unreal Tournament on a console system has become a reality and will be the must-have title for the PS2."

Unreal Tournament pits players against the toughest warriors in the galaxy in multiple contests and fantasy-based settings. The goal is to become the Unreal Grand Master, testing your skills against, or fighting alongside, teams of 'bots' or other players. The first-person perspective action includes deathmatch and team-oriented modes of play, as well as an enhanced version of Unreal's critically acclaimed Botmatch, which allows players to compete against extremely lifelike computer-controlled enemies in deathmatch play. In addition, Unreal Tournament's advanced artificial intelligence allows players to lead a squad of computer-controlled allies against teams of human or computer-controlled opponents, taking the team-oriented game play experience to a new level of immersion.

"With every iteration of the Unreal series we have taken the action and the graphics up a notch, and Unreal Tournament for the PlayStation 2 is a shining example of this advancement," said Mark Rein, president of Epic Games. "We created a lot of new content for this version and we've carefully honed the controls and gameplay to ensure that UT plays phenomenally on PS2. "

Rein continued, "Epic Games can now not only say that we have created one of the best PC games in the industry but can also say that we are a full-blown console game developer. This is a very proud moment for us."

Receiving many awards and accolades for its intense multi-player action, Unreal Tournament has set the standard for finely tuned first-person perspective action and console fans won't be disappointed with UT's robust gameplay, designed specifically for the PlayStation2. Players can choose to battle it out with other players through the 4-player split screen mode or can link several PS2's together through the iLink connection.

Unreal Tournament for PlayStation2 will be available at most major retail stores beginning this weekend for an estimated retail price of $49.99.