Uno, Dos, Tres, Erm, Uno!

Mattel Interactive brings the best-selling card game to life.

Posted by Staff
Mattel Interactive announces the release of Uno for Game Boy and Game Boy Color. As well as maintaining the traditional gameplay of the best-selling card game in history, Uno comes complete with different card sets, new background themes and special cards! Play against friends with the dual-player mode or against twelve different computer opponents. Uno is released in November 2000 on the Game Boy Color, priced at 19.99.
Score points by getting rid of all the cards in your hand before your opponent does. Players can discard their cards by matching the last card with the same number, colour or word. If there is no match, the player must discard a wild card or draw a card from the deck to add to his or her hand. It's a frantic race to lay your cards on the pile and declare UNO! before anyone else. Before you get there, the other players will do anything in their power to stop you, by forcing you to pick up more cards with 'draw' cards, amongst others.

The game is lavishly set with unique animations and exciting background themes such as Wild West, Space and 60's Groovy to put a wild spin on a true classic. Special cards include Boomerang, All Draw 2, Swap hands and many more, and the best bit is that you can play anywhere, anytime. Challenge mode, dual-player link and single play all adds variety to this delightful hand-held development of Uno.