World premiere: First global mobile game competition!

Yeti goes "YLYMPICS?

Posted by Staff
The world-famous games platform challenges for a worldwide mobile game competition from 13th to 29th of August. The participants compete in the ?YLYMPICS? which is an adaption of the famous ?Yetisports Part 1 ? Pengu Throw? - the aim is to make penguins fly as far as possible. The game can be downloaded to mobile phones via WAP for free. The highscores will be presented on the homepage worldwide. Great prizes are waiting for the best of the best, SAMSUNG Mobile Phones among many others.

Yeti invites all his true fans to play in a global mobile competition. From August 13th to 29th Penguins will fly again. Yeti has chosen a new adapted environment where he will make his adorable penguins glide as far and high as possible.

Stephan Mahrhofer of Edelweiss refers to the broad community of Yetisports concerning this competition: "Over 280.000 beta users and millions of Yetisports fans around the globe are longing for a new challenge.? Yetisports is the figurehead of mobile games. It leads the international download rankings for games of the most important telecommunication companies and internet platforms. Mahrhofer: ?Yetisports shows that games can provoke a global hype?.

YLYMPICS - August 13?29, 2004 - plainly is the cult platform for Onlinegames. Played by more than 250 million users and with an ever growing number of fans, Yetisports is one of the most successful games in the history of the Internet. The legendary Yeti is the hero and figurehead of these games: likeable, happy and always good for a surprise. His main message: "I am there for you?.