Better The Devil You Know

Kemco explodes onto PlayStation 2 with Top Gear Dare Devil, leading the second wave of PS2 titles.

Posted by Staff
Well-respected Japanese developers Kemco are set to make their debut into the next generation console market with TG Dare Devil, an extension of their best selling Top Gear brand.

In a radical departure from the previous versions of the game, TG Dare Devil puts players in major city locations from around the globe as members of the underground racing team, known only as Dare Devils. As a part of this elite group of drivers, you are assigned missions throughout each of the cities that will primarily reveal new sections of each level as well as bonus vehicles upon completion. Providing of course you manage to keep inside the strict time limit.

The action isn1! as plain sailing as it sounds however rival gangs or police from each city are constantly on your tail as they attempt to drive you out of town. Specific enemy cars could also jeopardise your mission as bomb-laden vehicles try to blow you into oblivion or spin you out of control using deadly vortex attacks.

To protect you from these unsavoury characters, various pick-ups can be collected to temporarily boost the strength of your machine. Unleash a smokescreen to blind pursuers and give you some valuable breathing space or ram them from the road using specially enforced bumpers to name but a few.

There are a total of sixteen varied and challenging levels, with each city dividing into four parts. If the bustling streets of London or San Francisco don1! take your fancy, then why not head towards the trendy Italian capital Rome or the high tech, neon filled city that is Tokyo? Each of the locations will be recreated with the uppermost attention to detail ensuring the settings are instantly recognisable.

Up to eight people can play Top Gear Dare Devil at one time through three specially created multiplayer mini games. The action is intensified thanks to the games compatibility with Dual Shock 2 controllers enabling players to control the speed of acceleration and power of the braking by the force with which they press the buttons.

Top Gear Daredevil is due for release in November 2000.