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Sports Interactive secures partnerships with major media players.

Posted by Staff
The growing influence of the press in modern professional football has been recognised by Sports Interactive, which has teamed up with a number of the biggest names in print and online media to provide an extra dimension to Championship Manager Season Edition 00/01.

Major national daily and Sunday and regional newspapers will see their names appear throughout the game in the form of media reports on the matches taking place. The national Sunday newspapers taking part include The Observer, The News Of The World and The Sunday Express, while the 'dailies' featured include The Guardian, The Sun, The Daily Express, the Daily Star and The News Letter (Northern Ireland).

The new version of the game will also feature many regional newspapers (reporting on their local teams), including The Leicester Mercury, The Portsmouth News, The Manchester Evening Star, The Bangor News, The Evening Echo in Southend, The Ipswich Evening Star and the Gloucestershire Echo. Papers such as The Northern Star will be reporting on many local teams, such as Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesborough, Darlington and Hartlepool. Similarly, the Express and Star will cover teams based in the West Midlands.

A number of magazines have also seized the opportunity to appear in this eagerly awaited Season Update, including Four Four Two, Shoot and World Soccer.

And the media partnerships don't stop at the print press. One of the hottest new features that Championship Manager fans will be able to enjoy is the Football World News section on the game's new website (www.sigames.com). This section of the site features news feeds from two of football's most popular news sites, www.supergoals.com and www.planetfootball.com.

Start collecting those home delivery vouchers: Eidos Interactive will release the phenomenally addictive Championship Manager Season Edition 00/01 on October 27th.