Battlefield reaches 4 million copies

Digital Illusions' award-winning game series Battlefield have sold more than 4 million copies until the middle of June 2004.

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Battlefield reaches 4 million copies
"Digital Illusions' has been successful in developing a strong trademark in the PC gaming industry. We are looking forward to taking market share with Battlefield on the console side as well, and show that it is possible to make brilliant multiplayer titles in the genre for Playstation2 and Xbox too", says Patrick Söderlund, CEO at Digital Illusions.

The collection box, Battlefield 1942: The WWII Anthology, was launched in the USA at the end of May 2004. It contains the basic Battlefield 1942 game, the Road to Rome and Secret Weapons expansion packs, as well as additional material that has been released within the Battlefield series. When Battlefield Anthology is to be launched in Europe is not yet decided.

The game Battlefield 1942 and expansion pack Road to Rome for Macintosh is launched in the US today. The games are sold together for approximately 50 USD. Battlefield for Mac is to be launched in Europe on the 9th of July.

At the end of March 2004 the Battlefield series had sold more that 3.7 million copies.