Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Get ready to save the world Power Rangers style!

Posted by Staff
Based on the forthcoming top-rated TV show now in its 7th season, the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue all-new action adventure video game utilises an entertaining and imaginative interactive comic book style that enhances original story progression. Now young boys and girls between the ages of 2-11 can control their favourite Power Ranger in over 20 levels of action-packed fun and excitement.

Just in time for Christmas 2000 festive season, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is published in the UK by THQ in three unique formats on 17th November - PlayStation (29.99), Game boy Color (24.99) and Nintendo 64 (TBA).

As a member of the Lightspeed Rescue team, players can assume the role of their favourite Power Ranger. Boys and girls will have the opportunity to rescue people from dastardly monsters, collect awesome power-ups, drive Power Ranger vehicles, battle monsters in huge arenas, search for hidden bonus levels, and even take control of a powerful Megazord!

Six extraordinary heroes including Chad (Blue Ranger), Joel (Green Ranger), Carter (Red Ranger), Dana (Pink Ranger), Kelsey (Yellow Ranger) and Ryan (Titanium Ranger), are the newest team of Power Rangers dedicated to fighting the evil Diabolico and his army of relentless demons. Their mission is to protect the city of Mariner Bay. Whenever danger is around the corner, these superheroes rush to the rescue at the speed of light.

Power Rangers has cultivated a unique heritage since its original inception in 1993. Since then it has generated an international following with boys and girls aged between 2-11. With the high ratings of the current Power Rangers Lost Galaxy TV series, the resurgence of the brand (particularly with continued huge sales of Bandai's successful toy figure range), the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue videogame is destined to become a major hit in the kids interactive entertainment sector.

Since their debut on American television in August 1993, the ever-evolving Power Rangers series has continually captivated children worldwide. During the second season, the introduction of Tommy, the new White Power Ranger, rocketed the already #1 series into the stratosphere with a massive viewership rating among kids 2-11. Earlier this year the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy series debuted at #1 in the kids' American television market.

Prepare for non-stop action. Just like the Power Rangers always say, "Rangers to the rescue! It's time to save the world!"

A highly detailed 3-D universe with fully interactive environments.
Over 20 levels of Power Rangers action including hidden bonus levels.
In-game FMV sequences to immerse player in the Power Rangers Universe.
Tons of vehicles, enemies and monsters from the Power Rangers universe.
Authentic music and sound effects from the TV show.
A new character exclusive to Power Rangers 7th season: the Titanium Ranger.
Actual character voices by the Power Rangers Lightspeed actors and actresses.
Huge battles with monsters from the TV series including Diabolico and Magmavore.
1 or 2 player support.
Supports Dual-Shock Controller and Memory Card.
A game parents can enjoy with their kids.