Think! Shoot! Think! Shoot! It's Project IGI

It stands for 'I'm Going In' in case you were wondering.

Posted by Staff
Project IGI is a first person thinker shooter set in one of the largest gaming environments ever seen. Riding trains, stealing planes, hanging from cable cars, ambushing convoys, storming terrorist bases - there are no holds barred. Project IGI throws the player into the shady world of counter terrorism.

The player takes control of Jones; a hard bitten SAS veteran who now works for the British Government carrying out deniable operations around the world, always on a need to know basis!

Initially Jones is sent to free a man held in a military prison who then leads him to an arms trade that threatens the US East Coast with biological attack. Jones has to race against time and save the US and the rest of the world from the growing power of terrorism.

Jones must work to halt the trade and then chase down those who threaten his political masters. Caught between national political interests and personal loyalty, Jones must eventually decide whom he is fighting for.

Travel through temperate Europe to dusty Africa, from the mountains of the Rockies to the icy lands of Murmansk. Realism is created with the help of ex-SAS military advisers who worked closely with the development team. Project I.G.I. contains one of the strongest story lines to have ever graced the PC and will prove to be the most realistic and enjoyable first person 3D action/adventure of this year.


Strong storyline; presented and moved along with in-game cut scenes.
Game features action, based in both sweeping, expansive landscapes and claustrophobic enemy bases.
Realistic modelling of weapons and ballistics.
A complete 3D world, with elaborate interiors and vast exteriors.
Run, drive and fly your way across a massive game-world.