Want To Live Forever?

Mindscape announces Forever Worlds, a first-person fantasy epic from The Adventure Company for PC, available 18th June.

Posted by Staff
Want To Live Forever?
Lasting far longer than a face full of Botox and a whole lot less painful than a chemical peel, Forever Worlds is The Adventure Company and Mindscape's non-surgical solution to eternal youth. Just as well, because you'll need all the time in all the worlds to explore the twisted dimensions and solve the many puzzles in this quest through time and space.

You are archaeological detective Doctor Jack Lanser. As you try to track your vanished mentor, the world-famous palaeontologist Doc Maitland, you discover he is rumoured to have found the secret of everlasting youth deep in the Jungle.

With water-logged Wellies and the steamy Amazon as backcloth you pick up the trail, with Doc Maitland's daughter Nancy in tow. But not before getting sucked into a chain of bizarre and beautiful alternate worlds and terrifying time-lapses.

The action unfolds from a first-person perspective for even greater immersion into the dramatic story. You will encounter unusual ? and unusually sized! ? indigenous creatures and individuals to interact with. The game's fully integrated puzzles and extensive inventory will help you learn and unleash dark and primitive magic as well as become a master of highly advanced technology. You will need to use all of your adventuring skill and knowledge before you can fully unravel the mysteries and dangers of the Forever Worlds, and figure out how to prevent this disastrous chain of events from ever having happened in the first place.

Spectacular visuals, eye-popping cinematics and special effects coupled with imaginative puzzles and ever more fantastic environments make Forever Worlds a real rejuvenation of the adventure game genre.

Forever Worlds is produced by The Adventure Company and will be published in the UK by Mindscape on 18th June, at just 19.99.