Four Rings to rule them all

Mindscape announces the release of AURA: Fate of the Ages for PC on July 16th.

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Four Rings to rule them all
So you thought that loading your fingers with blinging sovereigns and signets only made you look cool? Not so. In the world of Mindscape's forthcoming AURA: Fate of the Ages, the beholder of the four sacred rings is also awarded great power and immortality, along with the ability to travel to parallel worlds and even create new ones. And of course, he or she will look HOT.

As a student of the legendary Clan of the Keepers, the guardians of the sacred rings, you must prepare for a perilous quest that will see you journey through some of the most striking pre-rendered scenes ever created for a graphic adventure game.

Exploring four enormous and diverse parallel worlds, expect to puzzle your way through the magical Ademika Valley, the technologically advanced Mechanical World, the mysterious Isoteric World and lastly the Island of Unity where the true purpose of the ring bearer's quest will be revealed.

AURA: Fate of the Ages features a simple yet intuitive mouse-driven interface. This allows for effortless interaction with a cast of over 15 fascinating supporting characters and aids your search of each striking location for the smallest of clues. Be sure to also look out for the cleverly concealed artefacts essential to solving the riddles and enigmas you will face, as well as deciphering arcane messages from the Ancients.

In the tradition of the classic adventure series MystTM and The Adventure Company's Schizm series, AURA: Fate of the Ages delivers the purest hit of fantasy graphic adventure gaming with equally intense and challenging puzzles to decode and decipher.

In addition to being a treat for the eyes and a definite challenge for the mind, the soaring orchestral score and dynamic ambient soundtrack ensure AURA: Fate of The Ages is an irresistible pleasure for all the senses.

Play it with as many rings as you can cram on your fingers for extra all-powerful, parallel world-spanning authenticity.

AURA: Fate of the Ages is produced by The Adventure Company and will be published in the UK by Mindscape on 16th July, at just 19.99.

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