Dream Team Together For ZOE

Metal Gear Solid gurus join Gundam creator and master of emotions.

Posted by Staff
Metal Gear Solid 2 may be the most eagerly awaited game since E3, but the observant will have noticed that key players from the project are also involved in another scorching title - Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E.)

Z.O.E., is deep space robot carnage with a cinematic story line that'll bring tears to your eyes. Astonishing new video footage will be shown in London which was exclusively edited for the ECTS. The European premier is bound to get gamers all worked up-just check out these team credits:

Producer Hideo Kojima (director and creator of Metal Gear Solid series) Director Noriaki Okamura (known as the scenario writer who'll make you cry) Mechanical Design Yoji Shinkawa (lead artist on MGS and MGS2) Character Design Nobuyoshi Nishimura (original artist on Gundam series)

If you've caught a glimpse of the Z.O.E. video before, you'll know how impressive this PS2 title already looks. Enormous mech war machines battle it out in scenes that take special effects to new dimensions. Deep space city scapes are carved up by mobile weapons the size of a moon. The action is relentless.

But what isn't so obvious is the incredible depth of play. The key words in the story are life and death. As you destroy and kill you'll be forced to re-access the significance of life. The way you fight will also affect the development of the game. An onboard Artificial Intelligence will grow according to the way you react to situations. Eventually it may even develop into a personality-but that's up to you.

For more of an instant slice of action, ZOE also offers two-player head-to-head battles. ZOE will be released on PS2 early in 2001.