Toontown opens its doors to gamers

Disney launches first ever massively multiplayer online.

Posted by Staff
Disney's Toontown Online throws open its gates to UK gamers today and invites them to head to and help in the struggle to save Toontown, which is under siege from a band of uptight business robots called the Cogs.

Toontown is the world's first 3D massively multiplayer online PC game (MMOG) designed especially for children and their families. And, from today, they can go online to enjoy a quite unique gaming experience.

Their help is needed in Toontown because Scrooge McDuck has accidentally unleashed the Cogs, and now they are determined to turn its fun-filled and colourful landscape into a bleak, grey metropolis of bland skyscrapers and businesses. Players - who appear in the game as 3D personalised Toon characters - have to take-on the Cogs to help rescue their town.

In addition to this key task, there are hundreds of quests that must be completed for players to progress through Toontown. And the game also features a host of mini-games in each neighbourhood - including Lucky Number, Underwater Ring, Boom-A-Toon, Toon Tag, Match Minnie, Dodge-a-Cog, Tug-O-War and Catching Game. Mini-games earn players jelly beans, which can be used to buy battle props in Goofy's Gag Shop. And what do gags do? Help you defeat those pesky Cogs!

Disney's Toontown Online launches in the UK today. If you are interested in reviewing Toontown (broadband connection is necessary), please call Charlotte Fox, Avril Donnelly or Ben Welch at Bastion on 020 7490 1323 for a unique password.

About Toontown:
Disney's Toontown Online first launched in the U.S. in June 2003, where it was met with rave reviews and has been hailed as a non-violent gaming alternative. The game has been recognized with numerous industry awards for both game-play and safety, including : Game industry News' 'Family Game of the Year' 2003; Computer Gaming World's 'MMPOG of the year' 2003; the 2003 Webby Award as the 'People's Voice' winner in the kids category; and the 'All Star Software Award' from Children's Software Revue magazine.

The product is accessible to broadband Internet users at All visitors to the UK Toontown homepage will be able to access a free three-day trial. Subscriptions cost 6.99 for one month, 34.99 for six months and 59.99 for an annual subscription. Members will receive a monthly off-line newsletter and unique Toontown merchandise.