Blaster Master ‘Enemy Below’

Blaster Master Enemy Below features 8 huge levels each with two distinctly separate environments to explore.

Posted by Staff
When in side view mode you control Sofia, Jason - the hero of the game’s - battle vehicle. In this mode you can jump, hover, travel up walls and swim your way around the subterranean passages. Power up your weapons by using pickups and obtain such special as: homing missiles; hyper attack; thunder break and 3-way missiles.

Each level has a catacombs area as well in which lies hidden somewhere a key to open the door to level’s boss. In order to enter the catacombs Jason must exit Sofia and proceed on foot.

In this mode the game assumes a top-down view with the player controlling Jason. Jason must collect power-ups, find bonus items, the key and ultimately defeat each boss.

With eight levels in total, 8 wicked and different bosses, power-ups, items and bonus items galore, secrets passages, 4 movement styles and 4 special weapon attacks Blaster Master Enemy Below promises to satisfy, and engross Blaster Master fans old and new.