Win a Naka-signed Sonic Print

THQ looks forward to Sonic Advance 3 release with rare prize up for grabs.

Posted by Staff
Win a Naka-signed Sonic Print
For any hardcore Sonic fan it's the gaming equivalent of having Van Gogh's Sunflowers hanging on your study wall with "Cheers! - Vince" scrawled across the bottom right corner...

It's an extremely rare, numbered and framed Sonic Advance 3 Print signed by the noble 'hog's revered creator himself - Yuji Naka - and it's there for the taking on .

Sonic the Hedgehog blazed across our screens for the first time back in 1991, and the spiky hero?s debut was recently voted the greatest game of all time. Naka-san has since lent his hand to some of Sega?s greatest titles, including NiGHTS into Dreams and Phantasy Star Online. Sonic Advance 3, the latest and greatest 2D adventure from Sonic Team is set to blister thumbs all over again when it hits Game Boy Advance on June 18th .

This truly is a money-can?t-buy prize for any self-respecting Sonic fan! There are only 25 of these prints in existence and all you have to do in order to stand a chance of winning a priceless piece of gaming memorabilia is answer one simple question at The closing date for the competition is the 17th July ? good luck!