Blaster Master Blasting Again

Blaster Master was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986. It was a massive hit and sold some 750,000 copies.

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Two sequels followed, Blaster Master Boy in 1990 for the Game Boy and Blaster Master 2 in 1993 for the Sega Genesis.

All versions of the game sold well and a massive fan base for the Blaster Master series sprang up, including several internet sites dedicated to the series. It was via the internet that the fan base petitioned Sunsoft to make sequels to the games but this time for the next generation of consoles.

So, six years later two more Blaster Master titles are almost due for release. Blaster Master Enemy Below is for the Game Boy colour and Blaster Master Blasting Again is for the playstation.

Game Content

In this game you control either the tank – Sophia – or the games main character – Roddy. The player may alternate between the two freely at any time, and it is imperative that both are used, because certain situations can only be overcome by one or the other of the characters.

The level design of the game comprises of basic sections linked together. Different environments exist in each of these sections varying from basic caverns and vegetation to volcanic or water areas hazardous to Sophia and Roddy. Movement through these sections takes the player to key points at which you will encounter one of the games nine bosses. These must all be defeated to ultimately save the planet.

Feature Highlights

- Continues the lineage of the hit Blaster Master series
- Many levels comprising four different zones: caverns; volcanoes; vegetation and water courses
- Control either Tank Sophia or Roddy, Sophia’s operator
- Numerous movement methods including: driving; jumping; climbing; walking; jet-propelled and hover
- Attack with your main gun or find power-ups to boost your abilities
- Lock-ons, homing missiles and grenades just some of the special attacks available
- Find and defeat 9 bosses to save the planet

Blaster Master ‘Blasting Again’ is sure to appeal to the established fan base, but is also an engrossing and exciting prospect for any gamer out there yet to experience the uniqueness of the series.