Titus Interactive Announces Lamborghini FX

A throwback to classic gaming.

Posted by Staff
Titus Interactive today announces the production of Lamborghini FX on consoles and PC, developed by Milestone a leading developer in the Italian games industry. Milestone is part of the Leader Group which includes Leader SpA the largest independent distributor in the Italian videogame market

Lamborghini FX is a fast-paced racing/arcade-style game featuring Lamborghini vehicles in races taking place in highly detailed and immersive environments. In this fast and furious driving experience, players are able to perform spectacular tricks like jumps, spins, power slides and two-wheeling in order to earn weapons to use against aggressive opponents.

Players speed around awe-inspiring tracks to earn cash, waste their opponents with amazing weaponry, and win the coveted Lamborghini World Championship.

It's full contact racing, where you'll need to use speed, stunts, and aggression to fight your way through to the final prize!

Grab FX Tokens for cash so you can buy vehicles, tracks, and other items. Pick up Nitro Tokens and then hit the Nitro button when you need that extra blast of speed. Performing any of the five FX Stunts will earn you weapons?the best way to blow opponents off the track.

Titus has been the official Lamborghini licensee from 1992 to 1999 and has sold almost a million units, including a half million units of the Nintendo 64 version of Automobili Lamborghini which reached N 3 in the US game charts during its launch month.

Two titles have been developed under this license: Lamborghini American Challenge and its sequel, Automobili Lamborghini.

"Lamborghini FX is the latest in a long line of successful racing games for the Titus Group, including the famous Crazy Cars, Automobili Lamborghini in 1996, and Lotus Challenge in 2001. Likewise, as one of the pioneers of the interactive entertainment industry in Italy, Milestone has an extensive and impressive history developing racing video games," stated Eric Caen, co-founder and President of Titus Interactive.

"We're excited about teaming up with Titus Interactive once again," said Maria Lucia Lazzarini, Licensing Manager of Lamborghini. "They have a great history of bringing car racing stories to life and we believe that they will do the same for Lamborghini FX."

Lamborghini FX is planned for a simultaneous release on consoles and PC-CDROM during Summer 2004.