Crisis Zone

Sony announces PS2 exclusive.

Posted by Staff
May 2004 - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Crisis Zone exclusively for PlayStation 2. Developed by Namco, the leading producer of games for both arcade machines and home consoles, Crisis Zone is a fast paced first-person action shooter compatible with both the G-con 2 and the G-Con45 light guns.

From the developers of the hugely successful Time Crisis series, Crisis Zone is based on the classic arcade version with exclusive new features and levels for PlayStation 2 - most notably unique 'double gun-play' allowing players to choose whether to use one or two guns to blast their way to victory!

Crisis Zone takes place in the recently opened Garland Square complex on the outskirts of London, after the heavily-armed terrorist group U.R.D.A has attacked and taken-over the area. Their motives have yet to be discovered but as elite S.T.F (Special Tactics Force) counter-terrorism officer Claude McGarren, the player's mission is to help secure Garland Square and suppress the U.R.D.A terrorists by whatever means necessary.

Armed with a bullet-proof riot shield and a sub-machine gun, McGarren must eliminate any terrorist threats encountered through environments including a shopping mall, park and office building. All the weapons can be put to great effect in the fully-destructible environments; players are able to destroy everything around them from blasting stock from shelves to burning racks of clothing with a flame-thrower, or wreaking havoc with a rocket launcher.

With addictive double-gun action and such a fantastic array of hardware, Crisis Zone will keep you hooked so get ready to have some serious fun!!