Ice Hockey, Kidz Style!

Data Design Interactive would like to announce the second title in the DDI Kidz Sports range: Kidz Sports Ice Hockey.

Posted by Staff
Ice Hockey, Kidz Style!
The Kidz Sports range features all the power of the real sport, transferred to the cool world of kids! Enjoy the addictive gameplay of three-on-three action, with skill points, special moves, steal-shields, and multiple game modes in which to outwit your friends on the Ice Rink.

Kidz Sports Ice Hockey lets you get right into meat of a real sports game, without having to set up everything including the colour of the player's socks first! Its probably the easiest sports game to pick up and play, and but to beat the toughest opponents you'll have make use of every player on your Kidz Sports Ice Hockey team!

You can take on computer opponents, or head off against a friend - cleverly use the ability to boost past defenders, and pass the puck ahead of moving teammates to make sure its your team that wins at the final hooter!

Kidz Sports Ice Hockey will be released this summer.