Yo! Slam-Dunk That Sport.

Data Design Interactive presents Kids Sports Basketball.

Posted by Staff
Yo! Slam-Dunk That Sport.
Data Design Interactive would like to announce the first release from their Kids Sports range entitled Kids Sports Basketball. DDI have decided against an ultra simulation sports affair which mirrors the sport exactly, in favour of a version which mirrors the excitement of the playground sport - fun, easy and addictive.

Kids Sports Basketball. This is your chance to be the hero - take control of your favourite Kids Basketball team and square off against your opponents in some of the wackiest games of full-court 3-on-3 ever! Earn skill points and pull off crazy super-moves to really defeat your opponents in style! Guide your team successfully through a Knockout Cup, a full Tournament where you play against all the other teams, or just go straight in for some quick action in Exhibition mode! Will you find yourself lifting trophy after trophy? Find out in Kids Sports Basketball?!

Be successful in Kids Sports Basketball and you will be duly rewarded! You may notice a star counter on the menu screens, and as this goes up, you unlock more game features! You get an extra star for winning an exhibition match, and even more for winning Cups and Tournaments! The star counter is saved whenever you save your game, so each time you play you can keep on adding to it! When you have unlocked everything you'll be able to play on any Basketball court and with any of the Kids Sports Basketball teams! Kids Sports Basketball even supports two Players in Exhibition mode for some multiplayer fun against your friends!

Main game options:

  • 1P Quickplay game - Can choose a team and a difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard) and get a randomly chosen opponent.

  • 1P Battle - A team is chosen and you must beat 4-5 other teams in a row. This may unlock other teams to be selected to play. Could have a further option of easy medium and hard, where it changes from 3/4/5 games in a row and have differing difficulty. Only a few teams will only be unlocked by playing at the higher levels.

  • 1P Cup - A 5-match challenge using eight teams. You will play in a group of four, playing each other team. If you win two out of three matches you end up in the top two of your group. The top two in each group then play one game each (Top group 1 vs Top group 2 etc.) and you can then reach the final.

  • Quick-Multiplay - ttwo players playing against each other. Players select their own teams.

  • Practice. A simple "sand-box" mode where time limits are removed and you have the option of a very dumb computer player to practice against. This allows players to find the special moves, and practice shooting, blocking and stealing.

  • High scores

Optional extra features

  • 1P Custom play - Allows more configurations to game modes and team names, before playing a single game

  • Custom Multiplay - Allows more adjustments of all game features on top of the normal multiplay options.