Gangsters to Live Longer with Gangland Save Game Patch

Whiptail Interactive and MediaMobsters release 1.2 Save Game patch for Gangland.

Posted by Staff
Gangsters to Live Longer with Gangland Save Game Patch
Game publisher Whiptail Interactive and developer MediaMobsters announced today that a 'Save Game' patch for recently released mafia PC game Gangland is now available to download online from and will be hosted and available on a selection of file server sites over the weekend. The 1.2 patch allows players to save their progress within single player missions at pre-determined checkpoints, complementing the existing auto save function which ensures a player's progress is saved after each conquest or challenge.

"We have been working around the clock to bring you the newly released Save Game patch for Gangland which will make completing the game a more manageable and enjoyable experience," said Adam Gregersen, director of MediaMobsters.

"In the early stages of Gangland's development MediaMobsters anticipated that the game's individual conquests and challenges would take players less time to complete than they do in the released version of the game; introducing a save game feature during gameplay became relevant when the conquest and challenge playing time increased," continued Gregersen.

As well as enabling players to take advantage of the 'Save Game' function, the 1.2 patch makes several improvements to both single and multiplayer gameplay. In single player, these include an ingame pause feature as well as enhanced minimap functionality. In multiplayer there have been improvements to the functionality of the command console and the ability to disable computer players ingame. The 1.2 patch also contains all of the improvements featured in the previously released 1.1 patch which increased stability and performance within Gangland.

Gangland is available in all good gaming outlets now with a recommended retail price of 29.99. The game has a 12+ UK rating from PEGI. For more information on Gangland and for further details of the enhancements the 1.1 and 1.2 patches bring to the game please visit