SUNFLOWERS officially announces the title of the ANNO 1602 Sequel!

Finally, the secret of the title of the ANNO 1602 sequel has been revealed.

Posted by Staff
The new project of Max Design and SUNFLOWERS, which is already under development since January 1999, will bear the title ?ANNO 1503 ? Setting-out for a New World?. Here come some selected facts and features regarding ANNO 1503 that will surely stimulate your appetite.

ANNO 1503 leads the player back into the past, into an age marked and determined by discoveries and conquest. To this historical scenario the graphic design in general and especially the look of the buildings relate. The new graphic design of the buildings clearly shows SUNFLOWERS? determination to set new standards with ANNO 1503 especially with regard to love of detail and ingenuity.

For the graphic representation of the main map in ANNO 1503, Max Design developed an entirely new graphic engine that now allows playing and operating a much bigger mass of land than in ANNO 1602.
The new graphic engine also supports 3D graphic cards in the portrayal of visual effects like fog, transparencies and a great variety of lighting and illuminations. Due to this, the landscape looks much more natural.

ANNO 1503 will offer the players manifold interesting novelties; as for example the different areas of living of various new native folks, which will be enriched and marked by lovely buildings with an enormous level of detail. Furthermore, the different peoples will have very individual traits of character and needs, which will make it hard for the player to assess them in a generalizing manner. Actually, for the player, this doesn?t only mean an increase in the long-term motivation and fun in playing, but also a whole new universe of facts, features and strategies for him to discover.
On top all this, ANNO 1503 surely offers a great many surprises for ANNO fans. What exactly that will be, we?ll reveal in the course of the upcoming weeks and months.