Foreign cultures in ANNO 1503

SUNFLOWERS and Max Design are at present studying the habits and living conditions of foreign cultures

Posted by Staff
According to the developers' plans, nine different peoples shall inhabit the new worlds of ANNO 1503, amongst them North American Aboriginals and Inuits as well as Africans and Aztecs, whereas all of them shall have their proper and specific habitat. Each tribe will act differently, according to their individual needs and abilities. This represents a real challenge for players, who'll have to study and understand each tribes' specific actions and intentions closely before they can work out a perfect strategy, how to satisfy the natives' needs and demands.

For the design of the native peoples SUNFLOWERS and Max Design immersed themselves into foreign cultures studies in order to make sure that the characters' looks will be authentic as well as exotic.

For fans of the genre, ANNO 1503 holds even more surprises on offer. What else is new and still to be discovered, will soon be revealed by another glimpse behind the developers' scenes