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LEGO Media was formed to take the children’s media market one step further – building on the natural fit between LEGO® materials and media products.

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LEGO Media International was formed to take the children’s media market one step further – building on the natural fit between LEGO® play materials and media products. The Company is extending the LEGO Group’s traditional concept and values into media products for children aged between two and sixteen.

These new categories - including PC and console software, books, magazines, TV, film and music – aim to replicate the same feelings of confidence and trust already long established amongst children and their parents. They will also contribute to the LEGO Group’s strategic intent of becoming the most powerful brand in the world amongst families with children by the year 2005.

Making a Success of Children’s Software
Interactive software is LEGO Media’s initial focus area with a software range encompassing three strategic areas: LEGO Games™, LEGO Constructive™ and LEGO Learning™. Each category is designed to provide children with a stimulating experience that explores and extends their sense of discovery, intellect and creativity. Parents are also a central part of LEGO Media International’s strategy – working in partnership to guarantee longevity, safety and quality is achieved in all products.
Launched Christmas 1998, LEGO Creator™, LEGO Loco™ and LEGO Chess™ are the first of a whole stream of new software titles. LEGO Creator held several record retail chart positions in the run up to the festive season and all titles continue to do well. This new high quality software provides constructive and imaginative content that captivates and benefits children – setting new standards in the software industry.

LEGO Creator provides a unique 3D construction environment with an almost infinite supply of real LEGO bricks. The easy-to-use interface and sophisticated engine enables children to visit the outermost reaches of their imagination. Finished models can be combined to create their own LEGO worlds that can be explored using fantastic animation effects. Once completed, they can drive or fly individual LEGO models, and even attach sound and functionality to their creations.
Format: PC CD-ROM
Available: Now

LEGO Loco gives children the chance to assemble their own fully operational train set on a computer, based on the LEGO SYSTEM™ Trains range. The network is built with track sections, carriages, engines and LEGO people to travel in them. Once children have designed a network they can enjoy playing the miniature trains, tinkering with points and signals, and seeing passengers embarking and disembarking. A unique feature of this product is its clever use of Local Area Networks and the Internet – allowing trains to be dispatched to other users. Children can also design postcards that can be carried on trains and dispatched to other LEGO Loco users around the world.
Format: PC CD-ROM
Available: Now

LEGO Chess is a fascinating new version of the classic ‘Game of Kings’ – made especially for children. It takes the most popular characters from the LEGO SYSTEM™ Western and Pirates themes, recasts them as pawns, rooks bishops, knights, queens and kings and then sends them ‘into battle’ on the chessboard. Using real-time 3D technology, players will actually see their favorite LEGO characters animate and walk around the board. In addition, there’s a friendly, easy-to-use tutorial section that will teach even complete novices how to play chess, all in a fun and humorous way.
Format: PC CD-ROM
Available: Now

LEGO Racers™ is a real-time game with a thrilling multiple-view racing perspective complete with accelerated 3D graphics for enhanced visual effects. Every element, from car to circuit to landscape, is based on LEGO SYSTEM™ themes. After designing, constructing and customizing a racing car in the LEGO garage, children (and adults!) can create a driver worthy of taking up a position on the racing grid. Then players ‘push the pedal to the metal’ and race against up to five challengers on any single track.
Format: PC CD-ROM, PlayStation® and N64®
Available: August (PC CD-ROM), October (PlayStation®), October(N64)

LEGO Friends™ is the first in a series of PC software titles designed especially for girls. In a market dominated by products targeted at boys, LEGO Friends provides girls aged 5-12 with a own world of creativity, fun and adventure based around being in the girls’ pop band. As there is a big concert coming up soon at their school hall and they have to work with their friends to rehearse and create a spectacular show.
Format: PC CD-ROM
Available: October 1999

LEGO Rock Raiders™ is a game of exploration and mining on an uninhabited planet and is timed to coincide with the launch of the construction toys Rock Raiders LEGO SYSTEM™ theme. Players guide their team of highly trained engineers through a world of underground tunnels, collecting energy crystals and LEGO ore to power and build new machinery, while protecting themselves from the menacing rock monsters and other creatures of the underground.
Format: PC CD-ROM and PlayStation®
Available: October (PC CD-ROM) December (PlayStation®)

LEGOLAND™ allows children aged six upwards to design, construct and run their own virtual park which includes the main attractions from all three parks, with an emphasis on the soon-to-open LEGOLAND California (opening March 1999). In ‘Free Play Mode’ children can build their own LEGOLAND Park while ‘Game Mode’ provides a level-based, goal-driven playing experience.
Format: PC CD-ROM
Available: December 1999