Electro Charged, Wild Stunt Driving!

Virgin Brings Electro-Charged Driving Action To The PC And Playstation 2 With Stunt GP.

Posted by Staff
Stunt GP is a no-holds-barred driving experience, which combines high-speed racing with high-flying stunts to create an untamed gaming experience.

Developed by Team 17 Software Ltd, it will be available for both PC CD-ROM and Sony's PlayStation 2 formats this winter.

Stunt GP offers players the chance to pull off amazing stunts while racing through the Stunt GP universe. Players will compete for recognition of amazing stunts and combos on the Stunt GP tracks and in the Free-Fall Stunt Bowl environment. Races vary from the immediacy of the Arcade mode, to those for seasoned pros who will aim to complete the sponsored Championship Season mode.

Featuring more than eight tracks, the Stunt GP universe includes a warehouse, a Japanese water garden, a multi-story parking lot and the Stunt GP arena. Players can choose different track textures including speed, stunt and off-road surfaces which will each affect their game. All track surfaces can be chosen independent of the actual environment. Players can go up ramps, do crossovers, flyovers, 360's and loop-de-loops, while experiencing gut-wrenching drops and sensational high-air kicks.

With more than 16 different cars to choose from, not to mention various secret and prototype vehicles, players must find the car that will perform best against the AI (artificial intelligence) cars, which will each have their own personality. Different cars have their own particular styles and can be customised to the hilt with a huge range of dynamic upgrades - including Engines, brakes, turbos, gears, boosts, batteries and horns - which adjust the mass, performance and handling of your vehicle.

Stunt GP cars are broken into three groups including: Wild Wheels, Speed Demons and Aero Blasters. Wild Wheels are the heavier 4-wheel drive varieties offering better grip, acceleration and torque - for getting up those heady climbs. Speed Demons are speed-based cars with stunning top speeds, although they guzzle energy and are fairly fragile. Aero Blasters are best suited for pulling off amazing stunts, offering maximum airborne control and agility. Stunt GP cars use energy at different rates and have a limited Boost Turbo for the long stretches, or when a player needs to kick into a stunt.

Energy is gained through performing stunts and restored by re-charging in the special Pit-Charging Bay on the tracks. Players will also have the ability to enhance each car's performance with upgrades from the Stunt GP accessory catalogue. Gain credits through clocking up Aero-miles - a unique ingredient of Stunt GP, Aero-miles are rewards for time spent in the air, boosted by crazy combinations of stunts.

Stunt GP offers six single-player game modes including Arcade or Quick Race mode, Time Trial, Stunt Trial, Practice, League and Challenge modes. Stunt GP also offers a variety of multi-player options with Quick Race, catch 'Em 2-player, Lap Attack (race) and Lap Attack (stunts).