The Mother Of All Fighting Games Launches With The Playstation 2 In Capcom's Street Fighter EX3.

Capcom today announced that Street Fighter EX 3 would be their first title for the massively anticipated PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system.

Posted by Staff
Heralded as the mother of all fighting games; this is the third of the series that introduced Capcom's multi-million unit selling Street Fighter franchise into the world of 3-D. Street Fighter EX 3 takes full advantage of the PlayStation 2 hardware with the European product promising an enhanced version of the Japan release. Street Fighter EX 3 will introduce a number of new features including momentary combo, critical parade and character change while delivering Capcom's signature gameplay and the type of incredible control that millions of fans worldwide have loved for more than a decade. The amazingly lifelike Street Fighter EX 3 characters possess their own unique character design and stunning animations. Street Fighter EX 3 is scheduled to release this Winter.

"Street Fighter EX3 was the number one fighting game at launch when the PlayStation 2 released in Japan," said Sean Ratcliffe, VP marketing, Virgin Interactive. "With the US and European releases of the PlayStation 2 months after the Japan release, the development team has continued work on the game to take full advantage of the hardware system. Time is the crucial factor when working with a new hardware platform. Capcom Japan is using this extra time to deliver the most breathtaking Street Fighter game ever. We are confident consumers will be pleased with the results."

Street Fighter EX 3 hosts the following new features:
Tremendous graphics utilizing the power of the PlayStation2.

Momentary Combo - Additional attacks are achieved by pressing an attack button at the exact moment a special move hits the opponent or is blocked by the opponent.

Critical Parade - Two characters can simultaneously attack.

Character Change - Character change doesn't simply mean changing characters. In SFEX3, players can perform a combo that delivers devastating attacks while changing characters.

Emotional Flow - When one of the player's characters is knocked out, the remaining character becomes enraged and takes over the Super Combo Gauge of the knocked out character. The remaining character becomes invincible for a short period of time.

Introduces the new character, Ace.

Leveraging the awesome power of the PlayStation 2, Street Fighter EX 3 combines stunning graphics and dazzling special effects never before thought possible. Players will be immersed in the world of Street Fighter through beautifully detailed scrolling backgrounds and fluid character animations. Players will also experience new innovations in lighting and background effects. Each combo and super combo possesses awe-inspiring graphics that will keep players screaming for more.

Street Fighter EX 3 features several modes of play, each adding to the overall gameplay experience. Original Mode is a one player only mode that allows players to choose a fighter and complete various stages to defeat the final boss. This stage includes 1-on-3 or 2-on-1 matches and tag team battle. Arena Mode lets players choose between computer and human opponents and adjust various match rules. Character Edit Mode challenges players to complete missions and gain experience as they take the role of a new character named Ace. Once enough experience is gained, players can buy new moves and build the overall strength of their character. Training Mode allows players to practice various moves and combos.

Street Fighter EX 3 boasts 16 playable characters, the most ever in the Street Fighter EX series. Players can choose from the perennial favorites Ryu, Ken or Chun Li or they can select: Guile, a military expert from the United States; Zangief, the massive Russian wrestler; Blanka, the shocking beast from South America; Dhalsim, the Yoga master from India; Doctrine Dark, an emotionally scarred ex-military specialist; Vega, a mysterious ninja from Spain who believes beauty is absolution; Jack, a thug-like guard from the evil Shadowloo organization; Hokuyo, a martial arts expert seeking the whereabouts of her brother; Skull-o-mania, a misguided salesman who believes that it is his fate to become a super hero; Sharon, a top notch assassin who's work is focused on espionage; Nanase, Hokuto's younger sister who uses the ancient art of stick fighting to defeat her opponents; Sakura, a student who has become a Street Fighter to prove that a woman can have both strength and beauty; and introducing Ace, a brand new character who players can select during edit mode to build their skills and then save the data for use in other game modes.