Virgin Interactive Announces Striking Real Time Strategy Game, Original War.

Virgin Interactive today announced a strikingly original Real Time Strategy PC title, named Original War.

Posted by Staff
The game will be developed by Altar Interactive, a team who already enjoy a fanatical following in Eastern Europe for their tactical combat board games.

The game features an original engine which creates an incredibly detailed 3D terrain to bring its Pliocene Epoch setting to life. The player can choose to play as one of three 'tribes': Americans, Russians or Arabs in an exciting plot that has the player making a one-way trip back in time to attempt to gain control of a rare mineral called Siberite or Alaskite (dependent on the race).

"Once the player is sent back in time he can play as he chooses. There are many different endings to the game so the player can ally with the other factions, carry out the wishes of the government that sent him back or even pursue his own agenda. Each faction is very different with varying units, abilities and objectives - the Americans want to mine the Alaskite, the Russians want to leave it where it is and the Arabs want to destroy it." enthused Martin Klima, MD of Altar Interactive.

Original War complements Virgin's already impressive portfolio for the year 2000, and marks a welcome return for the publisher to the Real Time Strategy genre. "This development underlines our commitment to original products and in particular to one of our core competencies, the RTS genre." commented Virgin's COO, Sean Brennan.