Wicked half-term webhunt

The biggest new video game of 2004, Whiplash, is bringing you the biggest competition of 2004.

Posted by Staff
Wicked half-term webhunt
The Whiplash Webhunt is running across 14 of the most visited websites in the UK from 14th February for 14 days, including: T4, MTV, Citv, The Sun Online, Game, Tiscali, Fox Kids and Cartoon Network. Start the chase at www.whiplashgame.com and collect all of the answers by 27th February, when the game is released.

The prize up for grabs is the biggest fun-pack imaginable - a copy of the game, an Xbox or PlayStation 2 console with TV and surround sound, a mini hifi, a pocket DV camcorder, a remote controlled aeroplane, a skateboard, a BMX, a Whiplash goodies prize pack AND a holiday to Disney World, Florida for four people worth 2,000.

Whiplash is a character-based action adventure game that literally explodes with furry-ous gameplay, wanton destruction and dark humour. Introducing Spanx and Redmond, the wackiest and most ill-matched pair of animal anti-heroes ever to fight for freedom, Whiplash will be unleashed on PlayStation 2 and Xbox on February 27th 2003.

Also look out for activity near you by the street team, which is busy promoting the game through a series of secret missions across the country. These volunteers are conducting sticker, poster, online and playground campaigns to help create the Whiplash buzz.