Lego Racers

LEGO Media announces a racing game with a difference. For the first time, car maniacs from six upwards can race their own custom-designed LEGO® cars.

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LONDON - LEGO Media International – who develop, publish and market media products for children between the ages of two and sixteen – has announced a racing game with a difference. For the first time, car maniacs from six upwards can race their own custom-designed LEGO® cars and mini-figures against famous LEGO characters, including the Rocket Racer, all-time LEGO world racing champion.

LEGO Racers™ – part of LEGO Media’s LEGO Games category and developed by High Voltage Software Inc. – is the first LEGO Media software title to be available on PlayStation® and Nintendo® 64, as well as the PC platform. LEGO Racers is a real-time racing game with thrilling multiple-view perspectives and accelerated 3D graphics for enhanced visual effects. Every element, from character to car circuit, is based on LEGO SYSTEM™ themes.

After creating a driver and car in the LEGO garage, or selecting an existing design, children (and adults!) take up their position on the racing grid. The players then ‘push the pedal to the metal’ and race against up to five challengers around a choice of 12 LEGO SYSTEM tracks, based on four of the most popular themes: Pirates, Castle, Space and Adventurers.

Race against opponents from LEGO themes
The Rocket Racer challenges players to defeat all the greatest LEGO Racing champions throughout LEGO history and LEGO future from the different LEGO SYSTEM themes. Familiar faces include Alpha Dragonis, Sam Grant, Rob ‘n’ Hood and Captain Redbeard. Each of these LEGO Racers’ champions have their own personality and racing style that players need to become familiar with in order to defeat them on their home turf.

To help the players as they race around tracks, like Dark Forrest Dash, Magma Moon Marathon, Tribal Island Trail and the Desert Adventure Dragway, there are power-ups that give them special abilities, such as turbo boosts, oil slicks and grappling hooks. Some power-ups allow drivers to affect the environment, for example, clearing a blocked cave entrance.

Track hazards and tight corners present other obstacles that players need to master. Each track has its own set of unique hazards that need to be overcome in order to be a winner. For example, there are LEGO barrels that can be shot away to reveal a short cut, or lava geysers to avoid in Magma Moon Marathon.

Winning the game
If players are skilled enough and manage to beat a LEGO racing champion, they are rewarded with pieces from the LEGO champ’s car that can be used to modify and improve their own car. Having mastered the circuits in a forward direction, Veronica Voltage, loyal sidekick of the Rocket Racer, will up the stakes by reversing the tracks.

Players then have to prove their worth once more and defeat the remaining champions to earn their place on the starting grid against the Rocket Racer on his home turf.

About High Voltage
High Voltage Software Inc. – a major player in the computer games industry – is based in Chicago, and has produced numerous titles on all the major gaming platforms. The Company employs over fifty full-time staff, with a broad ranged and accomplished skill base. High Voltage Software Inc. develops on high-end PC and Silicon Graphics workstations to produce the required state of the art graphics, sound and code – appropriate to the standards expected by today’s computer games industry. Past projects have included NCAA Final Four (Sony PlayStation®, Windows 95), NBA Hang Time and Open Ice (Windows 95) Tempest X3 (Sony PlayStation®) Tempest 2000 (SEGA Saturn). Current titles include: Paperboy 64 (Nintendo® 64), NBA Drive 2000 (Windows 95/98)

About LEGO Media International
LEGO Media International was established in 1996 with worldwide headquarters in Hammersmith London. LEGO Media International is responsible for the development, publishing and marketing of media products for children between the ages of two and sixteen. As part of the LEGO Group, LEGO Media International has access to unique brand recognition as well as strong marketing and distribution power in the children’s market.