Gangland keeps it in ?Da Family? with 12+ PEGI rating

Whiptail and Mediamobsters set for hit as Gangland gets 12+ rating & new launch date.

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Gangland, the eagerly anticipated mafia PC game from Whiptail Interactive has been awarded a 12+ rating in the UK from the Pan European Game Information system (PEGI). The game, which has been described by PC Gamer as "An intense strategy experience with the pace and violence of GTA3" and by ICE magazine as "The Sims crossed with The Godfather" is being honed by Danish developers MediaMobsters and will now be released on February 27th 2004 following a range of additional improvements - enhancing gameplay to unlawfully high levels that are guaranteed to deliver a more devastating effect on players than Capone?s Tommy gun did on his victims back in the 1920?s.

?No self-respecting mafia boss would settle for anything less than a good clean hit, and I won?t either.? Dictated an austere Chris Warrender, publishing director of Gangland publisher Whiptail Interactive, ?We?ve been sharpening our sights on making Gangland more addictive than mama?s spicy meatballs; we?ve now got enough characters, levels and action in this game to keep all you wise-guys out there busy for months - Capisce??

?Gangland has also been given a 12+ UK rating from PEGI ? the Pan European Games Information system that awards age-ratings for computer games. This opens up the game to a much larger audience and means that more people will get to enjoy the fast paced, hard-hitting Mafioso playing experience that is Gangland,? continued Warrender.

Many improvements have been made to the game over the last few months with the number of single player mapped challenges and conquests rising to 28 while the multiplayer game now offers two modes of play; conquests and shootouts over 24 different maps.

The number of controllable characters in Gangland, including the four Sicilian brothers, Mario, Romano, Angelo, Sonny, has risen to 24 units - each with its own range of skills, weapons, strengths and weaknesses. Included in the range of characters is Big Mamma, a rather robust woman who can beat up your opponents and is very handy with a shotgun. Playing one of the four brothers in Gangland, your character can now do favours for members of the public, who in return can be persuaded to infiltrate your opponent?s empire in order to feed you intelligence to help defeat your enemies.

There are a large number of non-playable characters in the game ranging from construction workers to newspaper boys who shout news alerts from street corners, to prostitutes who earn money for brothels and gather information used for blackmailing opponents, to priests who will bless your units and even help you get married to increase the size of your family.

Each of the playable units picks up XP (experience) points during the course of the game as they become more experienced in combat. The four main players can also collect business and leadership XP. The more XP each character collects, the better it performs.

There are now seven different vehicles that you can acquire in the game. These can be used for drive-by shootings, roadblocks and getaways. Once in control of their own empire in Gangland, players will have to contend with the police and the FBI as well as encountering a number of international connections from the underworlds of Columbia, Russia, China, Japan and Sicily as well as representatives from the Jewish and black mobs. These mobsters can be a useful resource, providing access to money, special characters, weapons and cars, but cross them and you will suffer the consequences.

During the game, a player builds up an empire of family members, workers and enforcers in the Paradise City playing environment. Extorting and taking over businesses in Gangland yields profits for your personal empire through a micro-economy of the city?s 800* AI driven inhabitants who spend money in Gangland?s various shops and establishments. These include gambling dens, speak-easies, brothels, hotels, loan sharks, arms dealerships, jewellers, fashion boutiques and pawn shops. Other useful buildings which feature in the game include safe houses, restaurants, warehouses, residential buildings, police stations and distilleries.

The game?s online capabilities have also been developed so that people playing the multiplayer game over a LAN can also play against people online in the same session.

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*Approximate maximum figures.