Capcom Announces New Dino Crisis 2 Features

Dino Crisis 2 Sequel Features Numerous Enhancements As Regina Returns To Face All New Action And Terror In The Jungle.

Posted by Staff
Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of coin-operated and video games, today announced the worldwide debut of Dino Crisis 2, sequel to the blockbuster survival horror game for the PlayStation® game console. In this game, the action takes place outdoors, in the lush detailed environments of the jungle, as player's fight to survive the constant attack of vicious dinosaurs. Dino Crisis 2 features a number of enhancements including the ability to hold two different weapons at a time, the option to play as two different characters, and more than 10 different types of dinosaurs. Shinji Mikami, creator of the award-winning Resident Evil series and the original Dino Crisis oversees the project.

"Dino Crisis 2 delivers more panic-evoking fear than ever before," said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. "This time Regina has to fight off multiple dinosaurs at a time instead of the one-on-one attacks in the original Dino Crisis. Dino Crisis is a proven blockbuster hit at retail and this sequel shouldn't be any different. Dino Crisis 2 takes the survival horror genre in an all-new direction by focusing on high paced action and split second decisions. Shinji Mikami is the true master of suspense and the survival/horror genre he coined."

Dino Crisis 2 features the following enhancements:
· Play as two different characters - Regina, the sexy stealth agent with incredible speed and agility from Dino Crisis and Dylan a special agent who specialty is brut force.

· Use two different weapons a one time - Players now have twice the firepower at a single time.

· More dinosaurs - Ten different types of dinosaurs each with very unique Artificial intelligence.

· Earn points for defeating Dinosaurs - Players will earn vital credit points to purchase survival weapons, ammunition and healing items.

· Action oriented tasks - Mini-games require players to protect their fellow team members from ensuing dinosaurs or chase down a dinosaur to retrieve an important key the creature had stolen.

· Underwater adventures - Players can dive down into a lake with diving gear and fight against amphibious reptiles.

· Target enemies from above or below - If Regina is on a bridge and a herd of dinosaurs is beneath the bridge, she can target and decimate the herd without being in danger.

Thanks to Regina and the other team members' outstanding work in Dino Crisis, they successfully captured Dr. Kirk, confiscated his work and sent him to prison. One year later, Dr. Kirk's research on the Third Energy had been transferred to the country's military. Despite clear warning signs, the government continued Kirk's research causing an even larger accident than before.

Edward City, the location of the research, has mysteriously disappeared and has been replaced by an overgrown jungle from the past. The government must begin an emergency evacuation to rescue both the staff and the results of the research. However, the decision is made to use an experimental time and space transfer device to send a military task force back in time and to the location of Edward City. Equipped with specially altered anti-dinosaur weapons, team members travel back in time on a mission they cannot possibly imagine. Unfortunately for her, Regina knows EXACTLY what the mission will entail, and this time she will be prepared?