Angels vs. Devils soon to come to European territories

Angels vs Devils soon to go into action in France and Spain with licensing deals successfully closed with Nobilis by Schanz International Consultants.

Posted by Staff
Angels vs. Devils soon to come to European territories
In this extraordinary action game, the gamer can decide whether he wants to play a "knocky" Angel or a "just-so-strong" Devil, both of who are in constant conflict to win over Mankind. Sounds like a daily conflict between your own two sides!?? Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Well, as you win, you can change the looks and abilities of your character and individualise it further - inclusive of magic abilities! Due to the different game variations possible in the game as well as the multi-player options, the player will enjoy the game for many many hours - again and again.

In other partnerships closed by SIC, for their exclusive partners Enigma Software Productions, Angels vs. Devils is being published by Bauer in Poland and already released by 1C in Russia. In German speaking territories, Angels vs. Devils will be released by Schanz Interactive.

Discussion in other territories are promising to deliver Angels vs. Devils to the shelves in many more territories shortly.

For more informational, please visit the website of Enigma and Angels vs. Devils: