Virgin Interactive Announces 4 x 4 Trophy - A Hardcore 4x4 Simulation.

The maddest, most rugged rip-roarin' offroad racer ever to hit your PC. Let's Off-Road!

Posted by Staff
4 x 4 Trophy is a rally-style off-road simulation, which will feature a host of officially licensed vehicles, including the Chrysler Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Landcruiser, Mitsubishi Shogun, Mercedes G Wagon and Landrover Defender, to name but a few. Each vehicle will come complete with its own driving mechanics and dynamics, offering a completely different driving experience dependant on the choice of vehicle. In addition, bonus vehicles such as the Toyota HiLux Pickup, Big Foot version and the RABA Hungarian Military Truck become unlocked on completion of specific goals, increasing the replay value.

With over 60 courses spread across six different terrains awaiting each challenger 4x4 Trophy offers the most accurate off-road physics model to date will push joypad junkies to the limit, with realistic weather effects adding to the drama. As vehicles pound their way through dynamic tracks, picking up damage along the way, they'll reflect the racing conditions visibly, with weather damage affecting the way each looks and drives. The effect is so convincing that a sudden downpour can clean the bodywork - though making the course much muddier in the process.

Single-player modes include Tutorial', 'Free Drive', 'Trophy', 'Championship' and 'Pathfinder' modes, offering a host of timed and untimed races on fixed and open courses. Multiplayer options - for up to four simultaneous drivers - range from the astonishing 'King of the Hill' and 'Destruction' challenges, to more straightforward 'Offroad Rally', 'Catchup' and 'First to Point ' races.

A co-driver is on hand to offer advice en route and predicted hazards, though it is only through driver skill and perseverance that races can be won. But with intuitive controls and an excellent tutorial mode for off-road novices, players can be sure that it'll be the on-screen action that takes some beating, not the sticky input methods so typical of the genre.

Developed by Channel 42/Clevers Development, an Eastern European team who enjoy a fanatical following - 4 x 4 Trophy promises to be the most accurate 4x4 off-road vehicle simulation created on any format. 4x4 smashes it's way onto all respectable PC's third quarter 2000.