Lego Friends

LEGO Media International is responding to the specific needs and interests of girls with LEGO Friends™. .

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LONDON - LEGO Media International – who develop, publish and market media products for children between the ages of two and sixteen – is responding to the specific needs and interests of girls with LEGO Friends™. This is the first in a series of PC software titles designed especially for girls and complements the LEGO Group’s launch of its LEGO SCALA™ range.In a market dominated by products targeted at boys, LEGO Friends provides girls aged 5-10 with their own world of creativity, fun and adventure where they can do all the things they enjoy most - from being part of a girls ‘gang’ to playing in a band. LEGO Friends will have many creative activities that girls love such as composing songs and choreographing a dance. The game features high-quality animation, engaging story line and fun characters that girls can relate to. It also allows girls to develop their creativity by actively taking part in the fun. Danish developer Ivanoff Interactive is developing LEGO Friends in association with London-based interactive design company, Flipside. Girls are led through the game by their ‘best friend’. She can influence how her group of friends interact with each other - in an inviting environment just waiting to be explored. She can also help her group of friends reach fame with their pop band.
The activities of this CD-ROM are based around the girls’ pop band. As there’s a big gig coming up soon at their school hall they have to create a spectacular show. This includes creating catchy songs and jazzy dances as well as putting together a stage show to perform on the ‘big day’. When they are not rehearsing for the big gig, the girls get together in their special friend’s bedroom. They can write about their adventures in the scrapbook and illustrate them with pictures taken throughout the game. This scrapbook is password protected so nobody can read her special stories and secrets.
In addition to ‘your friend’ (a special ‘friend’ that girls can tailor – from the way she looks to her likes and dislikes.) There are four main characters: Joolz, Anita, Emma and Mimi, plus Disco the dog. Girls then join their ‘friend’ as she teams up with the other characters and explores with the group. LEGO Friends features 16 different stories to give girls a good insight into the ‘Sunnyvale’ world of friendship and struggle for fame. These stories bring the characters to life – complete with their positive and naughty traits.
Girls can link all these stories and creative activities together into a strong story where the ultimate objective is to get all their friends together for the final showdown – a pop concert for family and friends. The player is free to go into any of the places featured in the game: - the basement; school; friend’s bedroom and Tina’s Café - in any order. From time to time, the girls receive calls from the boys (Tony, Nick and Leo) inviting them down to Tina’s Café or to get everything ready for the grand finale pop concert. The family is there too, but very much background to the central story - which is all about having fun with friends. Boys turn up now and then – introducing an element of pre-teen flirtation and teasing.
An Internet site will provide follow-up games relating to LEGO Friends, interviews with the aspiring pop stars and the best section of compositions and dance routines. Girls can catch up with the latest news at Sunnyvale through up-to-date postings on the site.
LEGO Media International was established in 1996 with worldwide headquarters in Hammersmith London. LEGO Media International is responsible for the development, publishing and marketing of media products for children between the ages of two and sixteen. As part of the LEGO Group, LEGO Media International has access to unique brand recognition as well as strong marketing and distribution power in the children’s market.
The Company is led by a strong senior management team of talented interactive media industry professionals and experienced managers from the LEGO Group. LEGO Media International is a separate limited company in the UK and an incorporated company in the US.